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Anyone engaged at the intersections of LGBT+ activism and Christianity knows that the only way to truly change a persons heart or mind is through the power of story. When our stories are shared in authenticity and with transparency, not only does the light of God shine through us, but others are enabled to see the depths of our pain, the potency of our joy, and the truth of our experience. In Our Witness, a wide array of LGBT+ Christians have been invited to share their stories, perspectives, and experiences as they have worked hard to reconcile their faith and sexuality. This volume explores the effects of non-affirming theology on the lives of sexual and gender minorities, the stories of loss, pain, and exclusion that many have faced as they have stepped into authentic living in the way God created them, and a vision of hope for the future of the Church from the LGBT+ perspective. Our Witness will be a tremendous resource for Christians struggling to understand the LGBT+ person and an enduring tool for LGBT+ people of faith around the world.


US EDITION: Published by Cascade Books (Wipf & Stock)

UK EDITION: Published by Darton, Longman, & Todd