2018-19 Tour

Bring Brandan Robertson to your non-profit, university, or faith community this year.

Brandan Robertson has quickly become one of the leading voices at the intersection of the LGBT+ community and Christian faith. In September 2018, his groundbreaking book “True Inclusion: Creating Communities of Radical Embrace” released with much acclaim, including Publishers Weekly who said “True Inclusion is a much needed salve in our current political climate.” Throughout 2018-19, Robertson will be lecturing around the world on the a variety of topics related to “True Inclusion” including:

  • Exploring the psychological, social, and spiritual impact of exclusion.

  • Understanding and creating communities of intersectional justice.

  • Understanding the Biblical case for LGBT+ inclusion and the deconstruction of patriarchy.

  • Mobilizing faith communities to be agents of social renewal and resistance.

How to Book Brandan

Because Robertson views this work as an extension of his broad pastoral ministry, it is our goal to ensure that this content can be brought to as many audiences as possible with as little financial burden as possible. If you are interested in inquiring about bringing Brandan to your event, please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible and we will get back to you within 48 hours with more information. Thank you so much for your interest.

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