The thing about Brandan is he’s really intelligent and he has a huge heart but he’s also fearless, and it’s that alchemy that makes him such a compelling voice for the new thing that Jesus is up to in the world.
— Rob Bell, New York Times Best Selling Spirituality Author
Brandan is a bold and courageous spiritual leader.
— Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Founder of Center for Action and Contemplation
Brandan is a crucial and courageous theologian working at the intersection between faith and LGBTQ equality.
— Vicky Beeching, Leading LGBT+ Activist and Author of "Undivided"
Brandan is a terrific dude... I enjoy working with Brandan and I think he’s got a very good hold on Integral concepts for spirituality.
— Ken Wilber, World-Renowned Philosopher and Author of "A Theory of Everything"
Brandan is an amazing and brave spokesperson for the Spirit in the context of his generation.
— Dr. Diana Butler Bass, Author, Grounded: A Spiritual Revolution
Brandan Robertson has proven himself to be an effective organizer and leader for inclusivity and dialogue in this country and beyond.
— Dr. Welton Gaddy, State of Belief Radio
Exhibiting clarity, wisdom, and insight that belie his youth, Brandan Robertson has emerged as an exciting voice and leader... Robertson’s work is highly instructive—and a true inspiration.
— Tom Krattenmaker, Columnist at USA Today
In these times of reconfigurations and re-alignments within global spirituality, Brandan Robertson stands out as a thinker and as one of the young leaders whom we would be wise to watch and to listen to. His vocation and dedication are ever-present in what he writes and says and creates.
— Phyllis Tickle, Founding Editor of Religion at Publishers Weekly
A great thinker is someone who can be critical and hopeful in one breath. This is something Brandan Robertson does often and well.
— Jonathan Merritt, Columnist at The Atlantic
Robertson’s words fill me with hope and make me excited to see what the rising generation has to offer the world.
— Deborah Jian Lee, Author of "Rescuing Jesus"
Robertson has the ability to be both incredibly relatable and spectacularly inspiring...Robertson’s vision for the future of the Church is one we should all aspire to: joyful, progressive, and fully alive.
— Garrett Schlichte, Contributor at The Washington Post
Brandan understands what attracts younger people and gently challenges us all to create more space for discovery and mystery in our faith communities.
— Canon Mark Russell, CEO of Church Army UK
[Brandan’s vision of the church] is consistently a voice for the oppressed and marginalized, a subversive grass-roots force working to uplift those on the edges of society, a check on the powerful and a warning to the mighty - that is a church I might want to be a part of.
— Dr. James Croft, Research Fellow of The Humanist Community at Harvard University