For nearly a decade, I have been consulting churches, non-profits, and governmental agencies on a wide array of topics ranging from LGBT+ inclusion to conflict resolution. My training and temperament give me an edge that will help me educate, motivate, and move your team towards a healthier and whole posture of engagement- and we'll have fun doing it! Right now, I am focusing my consulting work on the following areas:


I work with communities who are interested in being fully inclusive of LGBT+ individuals into their life and structure. I present compelling theological and social arguments for inclusion, as well as train groups on the history of LGBT+ rights and LGBT+ basic vocabulary and cultural. 

In addition, I work with communities who are already inclusive of LGBT+ individuals, but desire to become truly inclusive, helping their members accept and embed an attitude of radical embrace of individuals from all walks of life.


I work with communities who are seeking to understand and engage the "millennial" or "spiritual but not religious" generation.

Additionally, I work with these communities to understand ways that they might repurpose their community and resources to become a catalyst for social and spiritual renewal in their communities and beyond. 


I work with communities to teach the "integral" paradigm of human growth and development, which helps them to understand how to engage with people at various levels of growth and worldview development in order to promote critical engagement with more expansive versions of spirituality and social good. 

I also host large presentations about the future of religion and spirituality which seek to help spark creative ideas within the minds of communities on how they might evolve to embrace the dawning new spiritual era. 


I work with communities to understand how to better engage their target audiences using technology, cultural analysis, and demographic data. 

In addition, we train leaders on the basics of political organizing and the importance of engagement in the social and political process from a faith-based perspective. 

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