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Rev. Brandan Robertson is a noted spiritual thought-leader, contemplative activist, and commentator, working at the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, and social renewal.

Brandan is the author of Nomad: A Spirituality For Travelling Light and writes regularly for Patheos, Beliefnet, and The Huffington Post. He has published countless articles in respected outlets such as TIME, NBC, The Washington Post, Religion News Service, and Dallas Morning News.  As sought out commentator of faith, culture, and public life, he is a regular contributor to national media outlets and has been interviewed by outlets such as MSNBCNPR, SiriusXM, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Associated Press.

Acclaimed as one of “the most hope-inspiring young Christian leaders”, Brandan speaks to diverse audiences around the globe and has been an honored guest speaker at a wide range of venues, from lecturing on spirituality at Oxford University to speaking at the White House on the impact of spiritual bullying. He is the founder and executive director of Nomad Partnerships, a non-profit working to equip and empower faith leaders around the world to be fierce advocates for human rights. He served as the immediate past national spokesperson of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality and serves on the U.S. State Department's Working Group on Religion and LGBT+ Rights, The Democratic National Conventions LGBT+ Advisory Board, and the Humane Societies Millennial Faith Leader Advisory Board.

Brandan earned his Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministry & Theology from Moody Bible Institute and is pursuing his Masters of Theological Studies from Iliff School of Theology. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado. 

Boards & Affiliations 

  • U.S. Department of State, Religion & LGBT+ Rights Working Group Member
  • Humane Society, Millennial Faith Leaders Advisory Board
  • Department of Health and Human Services, Faith & LGBT+ Working Group
  • Convergence Initiative, Initiator
  • Better Angels Project, Advisor
  • San Francisco Theological Seminary, Advisor for Center for Innovation in Ministry
  • Evangelicals for Marriage Equality, Board Member
  • Hillary for America, Faith Advisory Team


Ordained, Minister of Christ, May 19, 2015

Eastlake Community Church, Bothell, WA 


"The thing about Brandan is he's really intelligent and he has a huge heart but he's also fearless, and it's that alchemy that makes him such a compelling voice for the new thing that Jesus is up to in the world.”

– Rob Bell, Author, How To Be Here

In these times of reconfigurations and re-alignments within global, and most certainly within North American, Christianity, Brandan Robertson stands out as a thinker and as one of the young leaders whom we would be wise to watch and to listen to. His vocation and dedication are ever-present in what he writes and says and creates. May God grant both him and us many, many years of such informed and informing leadership.”

Phyllis Tickle, Editor of Religion Department, Publishers Weekly

“A great thinker is someone who can be critical and hopeful in one breath. This is something Brandan Robertson does often and well. His explorations of the various textures of evangelicalism are fascinating and important.”

Jonathan Merritt, Religion and Culture Columnist, The Atlantic

Brandan Robertson is one of the brightest and most hope-inspiring young Christian leaders you'll meet.” 

– Dr. Brian D. McLaren, Author, A New Kind of Christianity

Exhibiting clarity, wisdom, and insight that belie his youth, Brandan Robertson has emerged as an exciting voice and leader for the new evangelicalism. For evangelicals (and others) interested in a positive public application of the Christian faith that transcends culture wars and political divisions, Robertson is highly instructive--and a true inspiration.” 

-Tom KrattenmakerColumnist, USA Today