Brandan speaks at Eastlake Church in Bothell, WA on "Truth".

Brandan preaches at Missiongathering San Diego about the power and purpose behind the celebration of LGBT+ pride.

Brandan discusses his new book, "Our Witness: The Unheard Stories of LGBT+ Christians" in Brighton, England. 

Brandan preaches at Missiongathering San Diego about the importance of shifting our perspective on the hardships in our life. 

Brandan Robertson speaks during the advent series at One Church in Phoenix, AZ. His message is entitled "We Are What We've Been Waiting For"

Brandan Robertson sits down with his mentor Fr. Richard Rohr, one of the leading contemplative teachers in our modern world to discuss how to respond to Donald Trump and unjust leaders while maintaining a non-dualistic mindset.

Brandan Robertson sits down with Matthias Roberts  to talk about his book "Nomad: A Spirituality for Travelling Light" and an exciting new project!

Brandon Robertson speaks about his book, travels and his life during our first Beer & Hymns event at MissionGathering Charlotte, NC. 

Brandan Robertson preaches at the Sunday morning service of St. Jude MCC, Wilmington, NC on the topic of sacrificing privilege. 

Brandan presents a Christian case for the full inclusion of sexual and gender minorities in the life of the church at Third Space in Dublin, Ireland. (June 2016)

Brandan gives a book talk about his book "Nomad" at St. Judes MCC in Wilmington, NC

Brandan lectures at Cardiff University in Wales on the Christian case for LGBT+ Inclusion in June 2016. (Originally recorded with Facebook Live)

"Dear Church", a spoken word piece presented by Brandan Robertson at the Our Witness Conference at Denver Community Church, Denver, CO.

Brandan speaks during a Sunday morning service at One Church in Chandler, AZ

Brandan's case for LGBT+ inclusion at the iAm Project Conference at Highlands Church, Denver.

Brandan offers a witness to Marriage Equality at Washington National Cathedral on June 30, 2015.

Brandan speaks at the National Religious Broadcasters' 2016 International Christian Media Convention.

Brandan preaches at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago on April 25, 2013.

Brandan joins Stephen Lovegrove for a conversation on spirituality on #StephenSoulTalks

Brandan speaks at the Wild Goose Festival 2014 in Hot Springs, North Carolina

Brandan preaches at Bridgeway Community Church, a multicultural mega-church located in Columbia, Maryland.

Brandan debates Dr. Evan Lenow on Same-Sex Marriage on Knowing the Truth Radio.

A mini-documentary about Brandan's journey of faith and sexuality. (By Mary Lee)

Brandan Speaks at Parliament of the Worlds Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah

Brandan featured in MSNBC Mini Documentary